Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Mama, if you're reading this, I am typing as I shower and drive. Really, I am on the way to pick up the babies now. I left 20 minutes ago. I am pulling in your driveway.

Marty and I had a date night last night that involved dinner with another adult couple. My mom and dad kept the babies overnight, so, after dinner, we did what any twinless 35 year old couple might do--we skipped the movie, came home, and went to bed.

At 7:30 am we realized we were still without babies because there wasn't any noise coming from the nursery, and neither one of us had yelled, "It's your turn to get up."

At 7:45 am I made a pot of coffee before I had to make anybody a bottle.

At 7:50 am I told Marty to have a good time as he left to play golf.

At 7:57 am I called to check on babies and learned they had been up since sunrise, playing. I pretended to be surprised. Why, my babies always sleep late on Sunday.

At 8:00 am I checked my email, started catching up on blog reading, and continued to enjoy my coffee.

At 8:30 am I realized I really should get moving and go pick up my babies. I got on Facebook instead and poured myself another cup of coffee.

At 8:45 am I decided to update my Twitter account. As someone who has never gotten into Twitter, I realize this might just appear to be a last-ditch effort to postpone going to pick up my children.

At 9:00 am I started to write this blog to document a couple of thoughts:

1. As bad as my memory is these days, I can now clearly remember what it's like to have a quiet Sunday morning.

2. As much as I love my babies, it is incredibly peaceful to have absolutely no responsibility for a few hours.

3. As much as I hate doing laundry, sleeping on clean, fresh sheets, for a full 8 hours, makes it worth all the effort.


4. Next weekend is Mother's Day, and my mom deserves a really, really nice Mother's Day present.

Thank you, Mama. I love you.

And now, at 9:23 am, I really am going to get out of the recliner, take a shower, and go get my babies.

Really. Promise.


Andrea said...

Yay! This is awesome! Good for both of you! I am sure your babies had a great time with their grandparents!

Beth said...

Good for you! That is what I miss most-- quiet, slow mornings. Just puttering around drinking coffee. Glad you got to enjoy it!

Holly Ann said...

I'm so glad you got a nice night of sleep and a peaceful Sunday morning!! We all need those little breaks. I truly believe it makes us better moms and dads when we remember ourselves every once in a awhile. :)

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