Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Today we celebrate two very special days: your 11 month-day and my first Mother’s Day.

Holding you in my arms this morning was just as sweet as when I held you that first night in the hospital when you snuggled your head under my chin for the first time and I inhaled your new-baby smell, realizing I was finally holding the little girl for whom I had long prayed. Eleven months later, you are bigger, squirmier, more beautiful, more fun, but still my sweet Emily Anne. The best present ever.

While just having my babies waiting for me this morning was present enough, you, your brother, and your daddy did a great job picking out my Mother’s Day presents. You included everything a woman (or at least this woman, anyway) loves: sleeping in, a sweet card, a delicious meal, a spa gift card, jewelry, and plenty of family time. At the rate you are growing, it won’t be long before you are big enough to borrow my jewelry or join me at the spa for a girls’ day.

As it is, you are already big enough to love sampling some of the food off the big people menu—pasta, beans, bread. You try everything with curiosity and gusto. Last night, for the first time, you feasted on spaghetti with the sauce. We stripped you down to just a diaper and let you sample the messy goodness.

It was funny to see the way you and Drew approached eating the spaghetti differently. You dove right in, and within seconds, were covered in sauce. Noodles stuck in your hair, between your fingers. Drew was more cautious, picking up one noodle at a time. He had to be prompted along to take another bite while your big, saucy grin yelled, “Bring it on!”

That’s so you, Emily. You are vibrant, full of life, and never one to be ignored. I love it! As a girl, I remember being quiet and shy, and even now, I have to remind myself to dig into the spaghetti mess of life and just enjoy it. I get the same reminders when I watch you play. You have this mischievous way of climbing into the swing, standing up, and looking back at me. You are waiting for me to squeal, “Emily Anne!” And, when I do, you squeal back in laughter, rocking the swing, as you wait for me to run grab you. We have the same game with you playing in the fire place and crawling behind the television. You take off for the land of the forbidden, stopping just short to look back at me. As I start to crawl towards you, you squeal in laughter, taking another move towards the place you shouldn’t go. And, I scoop you up and we hug. Can we promise to always work out our differences this way?

What is even more priceless is your first real word. You and Drew have both been randomly saying “dada” and “ma-ma-ma” for the last couple of months. You both have these intense conversations that only the two of you can understand, full of sounds. But, the first word you have said consistently and on command is “YES!” I find this hilarious since we joked that your first word was going to be “NO!” as much as we use it.

Yes, you still have the biggest, brightest blue eyes.

Yes, you are a mommy’s girl who loves to be hugged and cuddled. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes, you have learned to sleep in your crib.

Yes, you still can rattle the windows with your cry.

Yes, you still eat everything you shouldn’t: paper, the head off a foam fish, wicker from a basket. That was just this past week.

Yes, you will play in the toilet if we don’t shut the bathroom door.

Yes, you love your brother, and you can’t stand it when he’s asleep.

Yes, you have a smile that lights up your whole face. Even your eyes dance.

Yes, I love my Emily Bee.


Andrea said...

This is beautiful! What a wonderful tribute to your baby girl! You brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiul picture too!

Jenner said...

Gorgeous! I adored both posts. And the photo is just heartbreakingly beautiful. You certainly have two wonderful kids on your hands, mom!

Dolli-Mama said...

LOVE this, it took my breathe away!

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