Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Drew

Dear Drew,
Today is a pretty special day for us both. Today you are 11 months old, and today is my first official Mother’s Day.

Daddy let me sleep in this morning in honor of my special day, and you got up early in honor of yours. I woke up to the sweet sound of banging cabinets and squealing babies. As I came down the stairs, I stopped just a few steps out of sight, sat down, and watched, in wonder, as you and Emily played together on the floor. You were both on your backs, passing the talking dog back and forth, laughing with each other. After a couple of minutes, I called your name, and you looked all around, looking for the voice. I called you again, and you moved closer. I called you a third time, and this time, I moved to where you could finally see me. Your face lit up, and you crawled towards me, holding your arms up for a hug.

Oh, Bear, how did you know exactly what I wanted for Mother’s Day?

I can’t believe a year has passed since last Mother’s Day when I was so big I could barely move, so big I needed a wheelchair to get around Wal-Mart. I can’t believe how big and smart you have grown over these past 11 months. I can’t believe we are planning a first birthday party. We could play the “I Can’t Believe” game all day because every day, in so many ways, both big and small, you and Emily amaze me.

For example, I am amazed and in awe of how you and Emily interact with each other. If the two of you are both awake, chances are, you are together. You love playing in your ball tent, the one I bought you after a doctor’s appointment. You love talking with each other through the rails of the crib. Both of you love to bang on the most expensive light-up toy in the house: the fax machine in your daddy’s office. If the office door is shut, the Leap Frog play table will do. The Easter Bunny brought you a drum, but you both would rather go in the cabinets and get the center piece for the blender and bang on the floor.

We often catch one of you rubbing the other’s head, sometimes grabbing a handful of hair. The other night Emily stuck her finger in your mouth, and you obligingly bit it for her. In a shopping cart together, you will put your arms around each other. In the stroller, side-by-side, you will lean over to touch one another. In the tandem stroller, whoever is in back is leaning up to see the other. Perhaps most annoying for you is how Emily won’t let you nap in peace. If you are in the swing or bouncy seat asleep, she throws herself on top of you or grabs your face. She misses her partner in crime, her twin.

You continue to be such a happy, smiling baby. Women love you, and one of the most frequent comments/compliments we receive from complete strangers is “He is such a flirt. Look at him smiling and laughing at me.”

You are full of energy, and you use it to do all kinds of funny things-- like dance. You will dance to anything that remotely has a beat. You throw a hand in the air and “wave it around like you just don’t care.” You love to play Peek-a-Boo. You hide behind curtains, napkins, blankets, just waiting for someone to yell, “Where is Drew?” And then, “There he is!” You are such a ham!

You aren’t quite walking yet, but you can cruise along, holding on to just about anything. Your favorite way to get around, though, is to push a basket along the hardwood floor. We’ve had to put the baby gate at the stairs because you can now make it up at least three stairs. You have fallen down just as many. Just thinking about that fall gets my heart racing all over again. You move so quickly. It’s ironic that you got your first busted lip when you were sitting still. You just fell over and popped your lip. A little ice and a little loving and you were laughing again.

I guess you thought a busted lip seemed so minor after last month. You had an ugly ear infection—again. We had several doctor appointments that confirmed you have infantile idiopathic scoliosis, hopefully, as the specialists believe, the kind that will resolve itself as you grow. And then you had two wheezing episodes and breathing treatments. Oh, Bear. You gave Mommy quite a scare. Do us a favor. Stay well for a while.

Sure, having two babies, especially when they are sick, isn’t always easy, but I can’t imagine life any other way. When strangers see us coming in our double stroller, they often say, “Twins? Oh, you have your hands full!” or “Twins? Oh, better you than me” or “Twins? Double trouble!” Occasionally, someone, like the old man at the Macaroni Grill on Saturday, gets it right, “Twins? Oh, you are doubly blessed.” Yes, sir. We think so.


Andrea said...

I love that you did their 11 month post separate! This moved me to tears just like sisters! I so love the twin bond! Gets me everytime! Thanks for sharing 2 beautiful posts!

Johanna said...

Happy first Mother's Day! :)

Jenner said...

What a beautiful post!!! I love the image of you coming down to the stairs to find the twins playing. Can you believe it's been almost a year? Time goes by way too fast.

Essential Mama Baby said...

That is so beautiful! I'm sure she will love to read it when she grows up! Love the picture!
Stopping by from VB!

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