Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Countdown to Take-Off

Watching yesterday's take-off of the last Endeavor voyage reminded me of another important upcoming take-off around here: walking babies.

We certainly aren't rushing it or turning it into a baby-tition. We love crawling babies, and who cares who does it it first. But, it looks like there's no turning back. We can't hold them down, chain them up, or fence them in.

We've caught Drew standing, not holding on to anything, several times today. Emily is getting just as steady. Julie told me today that she guesses it's a matter of days-not weeks- now. I cried.

So, just for fun, we'll start the "walking watch" today, the countdown to take-off.

Are we really just days away?

Will they be walking before their birthdays?

Will I be here to see their first steps (or just their first steps for me)?

The anticipation grows...


Tasha said...

Look out!Fun is going to take on a whole new meaning!! And what a big milestone. I don't remember if I cried.
Enjoy each little might forget it like me :)

Andrea said... brought tears to my eyes reading whether or not you will be there, but like you said it will still be a first when you see it! How very exciting! I wish there was a way to slow time down a bit, but remember to savory it all. My turned 3 in a blink of an eye. Happy mid-week! Almost Friday! :)

Beth said...

How exciting and just a bit heart-breaking. One more piece of baby slipping away. It is more fun though. You'll be able to take them outside this summer without having to worry about them crawling in dirt or grass.
Keep us updated on "walking-watch 2011."

Jenner said...

Wow, Drew looks like he is just raring to go! My girl was 13 months when she started really walking. There is really no going back after that!!

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