Thursday, April 21, 2011

There's a First Time for Everything

Last weekend we took our first-ever “MaMe only” vacation. We headed to the beach to celebrate the end of a pretty rough couple of weeks. That’s right. Our first trip with just the four of us…

This weekend contained lots of firsts:

Babies’ first trip to Myrtle Beach—I would say it reminded me of my first trip to Myrtle Beach, but no, it didn’t. This time was way different. I am not in high school. This time, I was sober, I didn’t jump in a pool with my clothes on, and we didn't cruise the strip.

Our first hotel stay with crawling babies—Yes, the whole experience was trying for a germa- phobe like me. There was much cringing and hand-wiping that first night. I eventually decided to just shut the bathroom door and let the rest go.

First time we really missed the cribs-- The crib training seems to have worked a little too well since the babies did not sleep well at all in their Rock and Play bassinets. It was a good run. In related news, we gave away one of the sleepers on Monday. Good bye, dear friend, and best of luck in your new home with Shannon and Baby L. It was a good run.

The babies’ first trip to a pancake house--They ate quite a bit of their pancakes despite the pancake shrapnel they left in their wake. Wow, bottles were so much neater.

Our first beach trip to Target—Of course, we didn’t remember to pack everything, and really, what trip is complete without a trip to Target. We bought our first-ever swim diapers, sunglasses, hats, new swim trunks for Drew that were too cute to pass up, and more food. The beach always makes you hungry.

Babies’ first time on the beach—While mommy was happy to get her toes in the sand, Emily and Drew were equally happy getting a nice, big handful in their mouths. If babies learn by putting things in their mouths, my kids are going to be geniuses.

Babies’ first time in a pool—The hotel had a great indoor pool area, and we were lucky to have the kiddie pool all to ourselves. As is often the case, Emily was ready for a nap right about the time we got in the pool. While she wasn’t overly excited, she didn’t melt down either. Drew had this serious look on his face the whole time.

First family nap—
We had a big morning, and we all crashed in the double bed for a midday nap. Being a semi-professional napper, I often get both babies down with me for naps, but this was the first time Marty joined us. It was pure perfection even if there wasn’t any room to turn over.

First trip to Margaritaville- The babies were definitely the cutest little Parrotheads in the whole place.

First trip to aquarium—Emily and Drew loved the colorful fish. I loved watching how curious they were about everything.

First time Drew tried to eat my diamond—So, I take off my rings to put on their sunscreen. Next thing I know, Drew has my diamond ring in his mouth. That would have been one pricey poo.

Another big first is coming up soon—the babies’ FIRST birthday! Yikes!

We decided to keep the beach theme going for their first birthday party. We are doing a Backyard Beach Bash, and we’re teaming up with Cousins Kaelyn and Tanner who both have birthdays around the same time. It’s going to be big time fun. Picture inflatable waterslides, kiddie pools, sprinklers, an ice cream truck, bubble machine…

We’re still working on the details, but here is a sneak peek at their FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY invitation. Mark the date, grab your sunscreen lotion. We're taking this party to the ocean!


Jenner said...

Okay, this post nearly made me cry. What a PERFECT and lovely vacation! I loved every photo.

Andrea said...

What an awesome vacation full of firsts! Sounds like a very wonderful time and mommy did well adjusting to all!

Their 1st birthday party sounds GRAND! What a great idea! It will be so much fun sharing with cousins! Can't wait for that post!

Have an great Easter holiday weekend!

Martine said...

What a bunch of GREAT firsts!

My baby boy LOVED his first trip to see the fishes, he was so serious the entire time watching all the action!

We've also taken him to the beach, but he hasn't tasted the sand yet :)

Your party sounds great, especially the ice cream truck and bubbles!

Shell said...

What a fun trip! And a fun theme for a first birthday, too!

Samantha said...

Looks like a lovely trip and your cuties seem to be having a blast! This post put a big smile on my face - thanks :)

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