Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a (word) cloudy kind of day

One of my favorite little techie tools to share with the teachers with whom I work is Wordle. It's a site that makes cool word clouds from any text in just seconds for free. It takes all the words you use and gives the ones used most frequently greater prominence. You don't have to use your own text. You can just enter a URL of your favorite text, blog, or website, and it will create a word cloud from it. Not only are they mini works of art, Wordles can be great teaching tools in an English/Language Arts classroom. Enough shop talk, though. If you want to chat more about the educational applications of word clouds, please email me. I love talking about teaching tools (almost) as much as I love talking about my babies. *Almost*

Well, Wordle just got one-upped by this new site I found called Tagxedo. After playing with it for a little while during nap time, it appears Tagxedo gives you more options for your cloud's design and way more options for saving and sharing.

The LOVE cloud above was just my first try. It consists of the words from my last blog, and since LOVE is my word of the day, I chose it as the shape.

Here's another one I did with Bible verses that I love. Dove rhymes with love and somehow a symbol of peace seems appropriate for the text and all that is going on these days.

I've been working off and on today on some writing projects for my friend Jeanine's charity organization for breast cancer survivors and their families, Little Pink Houses of Hope. Check out the cloud and her website for how you can help.

Now I need to find a way to do a word cloud for Emily and Drew. Print on photo paper, add a cute frame, and voila! Instant personalized art for my babies. First birthday present, maybe?? Oh, the possibilities.

I will share the final products once I get them finished. Not now, though. Marty and I are headed out for date night at the big Hurricanes' game. Will they make the play-offs or not? The real question is--how long before Melissa gets a date night that doesn't involve hockey and arena food?


Jane said...

I cherish you! And we only knew each other for a few days! Speechless!

Jenner said...

Wow. I am going to be up all night playing on those sites! Thank you!! Your word clouds are just gorgeous. Like you said, I want to make one up for the peapod and print and frame it for her room. :)

Holly Ann said...

LOVE Wordle! I agree that it makes a wonderful teaching tool, especially in Writing.

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