Saturday, April 9, 2011

"If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it" (or a macaroni necklace)

It's official. I have my first mommy craft!

Julie took the babies and KK to story time at the local library last week, and while I was sad I wasn't able to join them, I was super excited that they were all able to have a good time together enjoying books, crafts, and the company of other kids.

Emily and Drew (with just a bit of help, of course) made their Mommy her first macaroni necklace. And, because I have TWO talented babies, I got TWO necklaces! The handcrafted quality and intentional choice of food coloring make these pieces truly unique and oh-so-versatile. And, if I am ever stranded on an island, these necklaces could also double for food.

When I am not sporting these lovely necklaces, I can also be found wearing another piece of treasured "MaMe" jewelry. Marty and the babies gave me a mother's ring for Christmas. Before this ring, I only had two pieces of jewelry I wore without fail: my wedding ring set and my watch. Now, I have three.

I have tried, without success, to take a good picture of it, but all the pictures fail to show the detail since it is really a diminutive piece. So, instead, here's a catalog picture. I am sure Michael, Jason, and Beth's mom loves her ring just as much as I love mine.

The two stones in my ring are Alexandrite, the birthstone for June. It's a funny stone because the color changes depending on the light. Sometimes it's this purple color; other times, it looks green or red. I think it's the perfect stone to describe being a mother--always changing but always beautiful.

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Jenner said...

What gorgeous pieces- both the macaroni necklace and the ring! I don't know which I like more, in fact! I've wanted to get a ring or necklace with the peapod's birthstone in it. That's really a lovely design!

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