Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Promise I Didn't Pay Them

When I started this blog, I had no expectations that anyone other than Emily and Drew (and maybe some family) would actually read it. About a month or so ago, I started interacting more on the Multiples and More Blog, and through that site, I found some great blogs and great moms. In addition to writing my MaMe Musings, I used late nights in front of the TV to follow these blogs.

About a month ago, right as all chaos broke loose around here, Holly of Twins Plus One gave me my first blog award. Responding, as a grateful mommy should, took a backseat to just trying to get through the day.

Today, another one of my favorite bloggers, Jenner, of Jennerally Speaking gave me another thoughtful award.

Each requires that I post 5-7 random things about myself and then pass the award on to five of my favorite bloggers. With my limited time, if I follow a blog, you know I like it, and I don’t follow a ton, so I am going to take a pass and give the award to all on my blog list (see left side bar).

Now, for the speech…I would like to thank Holly and Jenner for thinking of me and my little ole blog. To my readers, thank you for indulging me as I talk shamelessly about my babies. My fellow bloggers, thank you for making my life a little richer through your writing and your comments. And, finally, thank you to my babies, Emily and Drew, for being the real muses behind MaMe Musings :-)

1. I love to go deep sea fishing. I co-own a boat, the Reel Cheap, with my dad and my sister. It gets its name from the fact that (1) it was "real" cheap and (2) I am “real” cheap. With gas prices these days, filling it up certainly isn’t cheap, but hopefully, we’ll find the time and the spare cash for a few trips out to WR-2 this year for a little bass, dolphin, and grouper fishing.
My new boat--Reel Cheap

2. I love to travel. In my “spare” time, I research trips. I keep a running list of places I want to go. This year I want to go back to NYC with my mom and sister for a girls’ weekend. In the States, I want to go to Boston and California. Abroad, Italy and Ireland top the list. Of course, we are always planning a cruise.

3. If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t quit work altogether. Besides spending money on travel, I wouldn’t do anything too extravagant. I’d like to be able to start my own consulting business and work at my own pace. Volunteer. I could also home school Emily and Drew and use the money to make the world their classroom. Now I just need to start buying lottery tickets...

4. I am afraid of big trucks and death and not exactly because one can cause the other. Being afraid of big trucks makes driving long distances for work on a daily basis more of a challenge. Just today, one pulled right on over in front of my little Honda. And, that brings me to my fear of death. I am afraid of dying, and I think this fear contributes to my hypochondria. It’s not the hereafter that worries me; it’s the fear of not being here for my children and/or loving my family and friends so much that I want them here with me.

5. My husband and I have the same middle name. His is spelled “Ray,” and mine is spelled “Rae.” I am named after my daddy, and Marty is named after his grandfather. We know six people in our immediate family with the middle name, “Ray/Rae.” While both Emily (Anne) and Andrew (Elliott) have middle names that come from family names, neither has the middle name Ray. Anne is for my mom and sister, and Elliott is for my husband’s sister and her husband. It was just a nice coincidence that their initials are the same—only reversed.

6. When I fret over Emily and Drew’s childhood bumps and bruises, I need to remember I sustained quite a few freakish injuries and survived—a broken jaw from failing on a coffee table while playing clumsy ballerina, a scarred psyche from being accidentally locked in a store after it closed, a gash in the head requiring stitches from a whack from a hoe (the garden variety), a broken arm from a run-in with a big Buick going ~35 miles an hour. Sorry, Mama, for all of the worry I caused you. I get it now.

7. I hate having my picture taken. My smile is always crooked, my hair just not right, my double chin just too obvious. Marty hates getting his picture made, too, so we have very few pictures of us together. Here is one of us that I love.


Jenner said...

Don't thank me, you totally deserve these awards. :) Congrats!!

I would love to be able to travel. I am 3 hours north of NYC if you wanna have a mommy playdate! ;) Italy is my number one destination, but I am also dying to get back to Cancun. Best vacation ever!

I loved reading out the initials- how cool is that! My peapod's middle name is Clementine and that's my great-aunt/Godmother's name and also the name of my great-great-great grandmother.

And now I know why there are never any photos of YOU in your blog! I am a camera whore, I love to have my photo taken. Unfortunately, I am always behind the camera so I rarely have the chance!

Holly Ann said...

Beautiful photo of the two of you! Getting through the day is always my #1 priority too. :)

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