Friday, April 29, 2011

Headlines from the Week

Poo discovered in tub, culprit still at large


Bath tub drained after poo contamination

Tot pops lip, hardwood floor found guilty

Wine wins big on Wednesday

Wave of separation anxiety sweeps house

Babies march to the beat of their new drum

Apple & spinach puffs declared Snack of the Week

Local mom logs 3 walks in 1 week and sets a new personal record

"Feel the Salsa Rhythm" tops baby music chart

10 month old girl found in swing; authorities yet to determine how

Breaking news: 10 month old girl climbs into swing with no help

Hottest new baby game: crawling behind TV while parents scream STOP

Little Pink spokesbabies meet with founder

Sleep trumps royal wedding watching


Royal, what?

Baby deletes mom blog entry--twice--and laughs

Weekend Forecast: Sunny with a a strong chance of fun at the park


Johanna said...

You are so cute!

Diana said...

These are great!

Andrea said...

Love this! Hope the park is fun! :)

jpattencoble said...

Headlines just from today:
Emily learns homekeys on way to writing her own story
Baby attacks brother while sleeping
The Player Drew flirts leaving another grown woman going gaga

Jenner said...

My sister has a photo of the peapod holding out of piece of poo from the bathtub. We plan to use it when we is a teenager and needs a little humbling.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I love this post format! (I may just have to borrow it sometime!) And it sounds like you definitely had an eventful week. We haven't logged any poop in the tub in a long time (no pun's early!), since the girls were infants. I'm hoping that was our one and only experience!

And you definitely deserve a DQ Blizzard...enjoy!!! :) :)

Mary said...

What a cute, clever way of summarizing your week - love it!

Holly Ann said...

What a cute post! Thanks for coming by to share your confessions with me! ;)

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