Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Before and After

Back when I still watched TV, some of my favorite shows were those home renovation shows like Flip This House, Trading Spaces, While You Were Out. Now that Emily and Drew are here not only do I not have much free time for watching such shows, I have the live version of Extreme Home Makeover: Demolition Day. Each day it seems we lose another decorative item to the baby-proofing process. Here's a before and after look at some of our most recent, um, updates.

BEFORE: My new IKEA hall table, complete with baskets, and cutesy smell-good candles and a favorite black and white print of the babies.

AFTER:Candles are now out of reach, the top holds shoes that would otherwise be licked, and baskets are empty and work well as plastic ball holder.

BEFORE: The beloved wine rack in the dining room, always at least half-full--in case of emergency.

AFTER:Empty. Babies have decided it is fun to pull up on rack and shake it. Other games included pulling bottles out and rolling them around floor.

Just in case you thought I drank them all in a desperate effort to clear it, here is proof that the bottles are safe and sound.

BEFORE: One of the last undiscovered rooms in the house was my front study. It once held this nice side table with lots of family pictures.

AFTER: Drew and Emily charted new territory this week when they discovered the table and methodically cleared the bottom shelf. Drew celebrated by climbing on the shelf and laughing. Here's the after(math).

Who me?

BEFORE: This tea pot and platter sat forever untouched and unnoticed under the breakfast table. In the days of the cats, it kept cats from jumping up and sitting there.

AFTER: Now it sits on top of the table with high chair trays and mail I am too disinterested to put away.

BEFORE: This is the entertainment center. Yes, more baskets. I love baskets, along with the necessary cable box and DVD player.

AFTER: Now that Emily and Drew have given the term "entertainment center" a whole new meaning, the baskets have found a new home. Aren't baskets "in" when it comes to mantles this year??

AFTER: We've decided to just leave the DVD player behind the TV for now. It's safer there, and we don't have to put it back in place--over and over and over and over again...

BEFORE: This neat vase holds some useless wicker in the landing at the bottom of the stairs. It also works well as a baby magnet. I am convinced Emily and Drew learned to crawl up the first step just so they could shake this vase.

AFTER: The baby gate protects the vase and the babies. Without it, the vase was an endangered object, and the babies were already on the second step.

As I was contemplating this post earlier today, I looked at this glass jar that held potpourri and thought, "It won't be long before I have to move that because soon their arms will be long enough to reach it." I promise it wasn't thirty minutes later when I heard a crash. Either her arms grew or she used her GO-GO-GADGET powers, but somehow, she pulled the vase down. Thankfully, she wasn't hurt. I scooped her up, put her and Drew in lockdown in their play tent, and spent the next 20 minutes licking the floor clean to ensure no glass slivers remained.

Who me??

Yes, the wine is still there.


Quick update on Drew: After speaking at length with his regular pediatrician, we are postponing the Shriner's trip for now. First, he is still battling an ear infection, and we don't want to take him there sick. Secondly, our doctor feels we should get an evaluation from a specialist at UNC-CH Children's Hospital, which is very reputable and much closer. They can definitively rule out underlying conditions and can assess how accurate they believe the standing-assisted x-ray is. Our pediatrician feels the measurement may be way off--in our favor. Milder curves have a MUCH better chance of self-resolving.

I called today and we are scheduled for next Friday, April 15 for an appointment with a pediatric orthopedist. Please pray that doors continue to open and that little Drew Bear is straightening as we wait.


Jenner said...

I would have expected the wine to have completely disappeared with all you have been through! Hang in there. :)

Sherrie Moore said...

Please remember who is in charge of this, though I know you know !!!
Prayers are still going up and up and up for your family.

Tasha said...

This was great! I so remember these times with my boys. Thanks for allowing me a walk down memory lane.
Have a great day!

Johanna said...

Would I drive you to drink all that wine if I told you this is just the beginning? :) Thanks for the laugh!

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