Saturday, March 26, 2011

My first ME! Challenge

My ME! time started this morning with the sleep I "purchased" from my more-than-willing-to-deal husband. We opened the bidding at $20, and I think I finally offered him $50 if he’d take care of morning baby duty and let me sleep in. Yes, a full night’s is worth that much around here. He obliged (and still hasn’t asked me to pay up), and I slept in until 9 glorious o’clock.

A hot, strong pot of coffee later, we struck another deal. Marty would take the babies out with him for lunch and errands while I cleaned the house.

I know what you’re thinking…sounds like I didn’t do too well on this deal. Bear with me while I try to explain why cleaning time—alone—can make for some pretty sweet ME! time.

Before babies, even before I met Marty, Saturday mornings were for cleaning. I would crank the music up, and get busy cleaning, singing, and dancing my way to a spotless house. By lunch, I could sit back and revel in the smell of clean.

With twins, Saturday cleanings have become “Any day I can squeeze in the time” cleanings. Sometimes it is “I feel guilty because I am not playing with the babies” cleaning. Then there’s “Stop, don’t lick the mop” or “Oh, no. I just wiped that down” cleaning.

Today, it was just “ME” cleaning.

I punched in a random number that I knew would put me somewhere in the music channel range, and fortuitously, I landed on the classic country channel, with Don Williams’ crooning, “Living on Tulsa Time.”

Au contraire, Don. I am not living on Tulsa Time or Baby Time. Right now, I am living on Melissa Time.

With reckless abandon, I cleaned like a woman who knew she only had a couple of hours before the babies and husband returned.

I mopped the spit-up spotted hardwood floors. I dusted and picked up the baskets that some mischievous babies pushed behind the entertainment center. I erased fingerprint smudges, but not baby teeth marks, off end tables. I vacuumed without a baby hanging on the cord and stood back admiring the lines in the carpet. I put toys in baskets, clothes in drawers, and worries in perspective.

All by myself, except for the likes of Waylon, Willie, and Reba, I cleaned for two Strait, and I mean, straight hours.

I made a mental note to download a few new, old tunes I had forgotten how much I love: “Jose Cuervo, You Are a Friend of Mine,” “I Love a Rainy Night,” and “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On.”

I topped off the perfect Saturday morning clean-athon with the kind of shower you can only enjoy after working hard and staying in your pajamas too long. It was also the kind of shower where I had the time to shave my legs without rushing and ending up with nicked ankles and knees. But since this morning was about ME, I decided I didn’t want to shave after all.

So I didn’t.


Special thanks to Dolli-Mama at Life Not Finished for the much-needed, much-appreciated challenge!


Dolli-Mama said...

What is it about mops? My babies like to lick mine too!

I know exactly what you mean, cleaning without children around can be pure bliss!

Holly Ann said...

I sent you a blog award! Check it out -

Megan said...

I so hear you! One time for Mothers Day a couple of years ago, Scott told me I could have the whole day to myself to do whatever I wanted. And I chose to spend it organizing our closets. It was heavenly. :-)

Onesie Mommy said...

Welcome to the ME Challenge!

I laughed when I read that you used to clean Saturday mornings before husband and babies! Me too! That must have been the single girl's day to do it. I haven't cleaned my house in so long, I can totally understand how doing it all in one shot might feel pretty good!

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