Friday, March 18, 2011

Looking Out, Looking In...Week in Review

We made it. Last minute house showing, Ides of March, work meltdowns, doctor appointments, Kindermusik classes, Canes' games without baby slings, and an almost-call to poison control or baby falling downstairs. In spite of it all. We made it. We didn't drop the box. Bruised and slightly fussy, but alive, we're ready for the 70+ degree Saturday that is waiting for us tomorrow. Here's a look back at a week we're happy to have made it out of so we can look back in--with thankfulness and relief.

Sunday--Started with a last-minute house showing that sent us rushing back to the house to hide the evidence of our existence, including boxing 3 cats in a cardboard box until we could get to PetSmart to buy a crate. One of said cats gets loose on the way. Picture petrified cat peering up from the back seat of the Highlander. My thought--is he going to pee or pounce?

We all needed to decompress at the park later. For Marty, that meant taking the babies off-roading in the jogging stroller. Their first (st)roller coaster.

Monday we treated ourselves to dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Before we could chow on some fajitas, we had to do the perfunctory sock check. Yep, each managed to chew one off.

Emily decided to climb me, hang on to the top of the booth, and "talk" to the people on the other side. Really, this girl has some arm strength--doing pull ups on the booth?

Tuesday was our big 9 month well check. For posterity's sake, here are their stats:

Emily: 19lbs, 9.5 oz and 27.25 inches. Her head still tops the charts at 95%, while her height is in the 35% and weight has fallen way back to 65%.

Drew: 18lbs, 13.5oz, 27.5 inches. His head is still his biggest part, too, and is in the 60%. His length and weight are in the 25% and 20%.

Their ears are clear...YAY! And, we were reminded that now is a good time to start experimenting more with their food choices, their sippy cup...It's time for me to stop treating them like little bitty babies. BOO.

Wednesday was our first Kindermusik class. We are supposed to work on 5 signs this week before our next class. I decided to kept it positive, avoid STOP and NO for now, and work on EAT, PLEASE, MORE, THANK YOU, and BALL. Of course, we'll continue the battle of the MOMMY and DADDY signs. *I will win.*

We found our pot of gold on Thursday when we unexpectedly found ourselves the recipients of 8 hours of sleep. It's been so bad lately that we don't even set the alarm clock. We have two of them named Drew and Em. Well, Thursday I woke up to bright sunlight and a clock reading 7:45. Yes, I threw on the green sweater and headed to work--late. Thanks, baby leprauchans.Even Emily looked surprised.

We also hit gold on Thursday when we finally decided on the babies' 1st birthday party theme. Since their cousins all have birthdays around the same time (one the day before), we've decided to combine efforts to throw a "day at the beach" to celebrate the "wave of birthdays." We may not have the real beach, but picture water slide for bigger kids, kiddie pools for babies, bubble wands, sand buckets, ice cream truck...Oh, it's going to be big. Here are three of the amigos. Tanner's at school and a bit big for the crib shot.

Friday brought the end of the week, and with renewed confidence and energy, we decided to take both babies to the Canes' game. After several almost-failed attempts with the sling, I decided to go with just mommy arms. The guns were smoking, especially when I had to hike back up the stairs as soon as we made it to our seats, because, um, Emily decided to take care of business right as the puck dropped. While normally an overtime win would be a reason to cheer, it was just another reason to keep us there 15 minutes LONGER. So, YAY, Canes for the win, but bigger YAY to us for wrangling two babies in very small seats and eating popcorn and facebooking while there. That's talent.

It looked like we were set to end the week by doing a victory dance. We got home, put babies down, started winding down.

Then Drew starts crying. Let's give him 5 minutes.

Wait. "Marty, did you strap him in to his bassinet?" (Don't get me started about why they're not in cribs--again).

"Um, no. He was asleep."

I run upstairs. He's awake and I know he's proven he can get out. He's just a short crawl from a stumble down the stairs.

I walk in the room. No Drew. I start screaming. I follow his babbling to the BATHROOM where he is sitting by the TOILET and the CLEANING SUPPLIES!! Seconds later, and he'd either have been splashing toilet water or licking Tilex. Parenting FAIL.

Looking forward to a safer, happier, warmer, weekend...

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Mary said...

We "practiced" selling our home last Spring - it was brutal having the house show-ready with 2 four-year olds and a two-year old! I totally feel your pain.

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