Thursday, March 3, 2011

Like Father Like Son

On our wedding cruise, Marty's mom gave us one of Marty's first baby outfits--an adorable little blue romper with a carrot on the front. Since there were no honeymoon babies for us, the only baby the outfit had for a while was the cruise-inspired towel baby.

When the babies were born, his mom brought a picture of Marty in that same outfit and asked if we would get Drew's picture made when he was around the same age.

Unfortunately, despite my awesome powers of organization, the outfit was misplaced until this week when I was cleaning closets for the realtor. On the top shelf of our closet, crammed behind one of Marty's carry-on bags was the long-lost outfit! I ran downstairs and asked Julie to help me stuff Drew into it. Marty had been almost 6 months when that picture was made. Could we hope that a nearly 9 month old Drew would fit?

The daughter-in-law gods were smiling on me that day because it fit!

Grab the cameras and let's get some shots of Marty Junior!!

While Julie worked her magic, Drew was his father's son—determined to do it his way. She got lots of shots, but this kid is too far past the push-up pose phase. Oh, no. He's too cool for push-ups. He's a full-fledged, speed-hungry crawler with a lovable personality and a smile that melts my heart. Enjoy Drew Bear's photo shoot that was 35 years in the making!



Big, squinty smile

Expectant with a side of teeth

The Man Pose

Caught it!




No hands!


"Emily trying to steal my spotlight"

"Look into my eyes..."

Getting Bored


Getting in position


Or not...

Here I...


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Holly Ann said...

LOVE those photos! How sweet!

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