Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

If all goes according to plan, this time tomorrow, our house will officially be on the market.

Despite sick babies, a sick mommy, the doctor’s appointments, work, and just keeping our family fed, we have somehow managed to get the house ready for the realtor to come tomorrow for pictures. Now if I can just find a Magic Eraser that works on the dark circles under my dark circles like it did on those scuffs on the walls…But, I digress.

Where are we moving?

Good question.

I realize we are really approaching this moving thing backward. Most people sell a house because they have somewhere they want or need to move.

Our situation is really quite different. We aren’t in a situation where we must move. We haven’t even found a place we want to buy. We don’t hate our house. We have room for our family that doubled in size this year. In many ways, this house is a house where we could raise our kids. For that, I am grateful, certainly.

So why in the world would we want to go through the process of moving, especially in this market, especially with young children?

Quite simply, this may be a great house, but it’s not our home.

When we moved here a little over two years ago, it was a compromise. I wanted to stay where we were. Marty wanted to be closer to his hobbies. We didn’t have children. We liked the house. It was close to a major highway, which cut down on drive time. So, we moved, and generally, we have been satisfied. It was, after all, a compromise. It has been a good house.

Then Emily and Drew came along, and we started thinking about what makes a good place to raise a family. Visions of kids playing in the yard, bikes in the cul-de-sac, cook-outs with neighbors, and childhood friends knocking on the door danced in our heads. Suddenly, decisions about where they would attend kindergarten weren’t five years away; they became burning questions. Our distance from the closest mall or hockey arena wasn’t as important as the minutes it takes to reach my parents.

Our priorities shifted. What we once left, we want back. A little more country. A little more family. A little more neighborly love.

Initially, it looked like we were stuck. After consulting a realtor, we considered waiting. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time.

And, then the realtor called back. Turns out, there’s interest in our neighborhood and listing it now positions us to be ready for the spring and summer upturn in sales.

Maybe it’s the right time after all.

Honestly, I am a little scared. How in the world are we going to keep this place in shape for showings? Let’s hope we sell before they are walking; crawling has been messy enough.

There’s fear in jumping out there, not sure of where we will go if the house sells. With two babies in tow, our options are somewhat more limited.

I am also a bit sad to think of leaving the place we came back to as newlyweds and as new parents. How will I pack away the nursery it seems we just prepared?

Yet, bigger than all these fears and uncertainties is the feeling that we are doing what needs to be done. I am holding tight to the calm that says we will find more than a house. We will find a place we will all call home.

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