Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ExtraCRIBular Activities

Today Emily and Drew participated in their first real extraCRIBular activity—our first Kindermusik Baby Sign and Sing class.

Mix seven babies, a rug, toys, music, bubbles, songs, and signs all together and you get an hour of solid entertainment.

While Emily and Drew didn’t seem to be overly interested in signing, cousin Kaelyn was the class star. KK’s going to be a great tutor for them.

Most of the time, Emily and Drew just crawled around chewing on toys and getting love from other babies who wanted to play with them.

Drew decided to step out on me and love up on another mommy. He pulled right up on her shirt, drooled on her, and let her pick him up. He sat and played with her for a while before crawling on.

We sang a great song about a bear going over the mountain to see what he could see. Funny. I have a little (Drew) bear who climbs over everything to “see what he can see,” too. I bet we’ll use BEAR and SEE quite a bit.

We played with “silly” balls—balls that jumped around—kind of like the way all the babies were jumping around. BALL is another word we will use quite a bit since one of the babies’ favorite toys in a squishy, singing soccer ball.

It’s amazing to think my babies are big enough to be in a class with other kids. I couldn’t find my camera, but I did have the Flip and was able to capture a bit of the action. Pardon the “jumpy” footage. We all got a little caught up in the moment.

The only time I really had their attention was during “snack time.” We had lots of practice with EAT, PLEASE, MORE, and THANK YOU.

They loved the Jack in the Box and the Bubble Song. Here’s a short clip of bubble fun.I love how Emily looks confused when the bubbles go away.

And, so it begins…the first of hopefully many extraCRIBular experiences. Stayed tuned for Part II where I post their upcoming social calendar and explore the fine line between providing all those great, stimulating learning opportunities for my children and becoming the stereotypical over-scheduling, over-demanding mom who lives vicariously through her children. Okay, so maybe the line is not so fine, but we’ll delve a little deeper into the whole issue of kids who have more going on in their lives than their parents. Plus, Marty is taking on Sign and Sing without me next week, so I hope to talk him into the first ever daddy blog post.

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