Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Drew

Dear Drew,
Today you are nine months old, and the most handsome man in the whole wide land is also the busiest. You crawl. You play. You talk. You pull up. You clap. You jump and down. You hold your hands up, asking in your own cute way to be picked up. You climb up and over the table. You even have your own baby cave in the bonus room—under Daddy’s poker table. Drew, you are so full of energy.

In the last few weeks, you finally decided to put some of that energy towards holding your own bottle. While Emily easily holds her bottle with one hand, you stubbornly refused to even attempt it until recently. Thank you, Drew, for making feeding time so much easier. You are still a finicky eater, though. You dislike anything green, and you hate textures. I was so proud of you tonight when you finally finished some chunky chicken mixed with very pureed sweet potatoes. Yum.

You started crawling a little less than a month ago. While you took a little longer to crawl than Emily, you were the first to really master pulling yourself up into a sitting position from your back or your tummy. Now that you are moving, there’s no stopping you. You are a fast one! Like a bug to one of those bug zappers, you and Emily both are drawn to the all the things you shouldn’t mess with: electrical cords, the basket of pine combs, the candle on the hall table, dirty shoes. Please don’t lick any more shoes. It’s gross, and it makes me feel like a bad mommy.

Speaking of feeling like a bad mommy, I have learned that mobility brings boo-boos. You’ve had a fork fall on your head, bruises on your knees from crawling on hardwood floors, and bumps on the head from pulling up and falling down. I cringe when I hear the thumps, waiting for the wail, before deciding if a mommy hug and kiss is needed.
But, when you need a mommy hug and kiss, you know just how to get it. One of the first signs you learned was the sign to be picked up. You lift your little arms in genuine anticipation, and once you are in my arms, you glue yourself to me, clinging. It’s the cutest thing and it melts my heart every time.

In addition to the boo-boos of a busy baby, you have also had a very sick eighth month. So far, being a twin has meant twin illness. Emily gets a cold. You get a cold. Emily runs a fever. You run a fever. Emily gets an ear infection. You get an ear infection. It’s double the doctor co-pays, double the boogie wipes, double the medicine, and double the sleepless nights. Just when we had made the transition to the crib, you both got sick and ended up back in our room where we could keep a closer check on you.

Just like the spring weather occasionally breaks through on a winter day, we had days where good health broke through the germs, days in February when everyone felt well and ready for a new adventure. First, you are now big enough to sit in the stroller without the car seat, and you love a front seat view. Then, we bought a jogging stroller so you and Emily can sit side-by-side, thereby avoiding the argument of who gets the front. You love being able to see the world. I remember your cousin Tanner hated a highchair. Not you and Emily. You love sitting up and chatting with the fellow restaurant patrons. You’re such a charmer.

Who wouldn’t be charmed by your big, wide toothy smile and those sparkling blue eyes? You have two big chompers on top and three smaller ones on the bottom. Unfortunately, you’ve been trying them out lately by randomly biting people. Really, Drew, biting is not nice. You still are working on getting hair; it seems to grow best and longest right over top of your ears-- adorable “old man” hair. You smile with your whole body, and you love to rock, clap, and dance, especially to music. You and your friend, Mr. Duck, have given us many hours of entertainment, and we regretted having to cut Mr. Duck’s hair after you decided to eat a chunk of it. Now, both of you are bald, but playtime is safer for us all.

We work on your signing daily, and Grandma says you either signed “mommy” or “daddy” this weekend. Since it can’t be verified, let’s say you signed “mommy.” You already say “dada.” At least sign mommy's name first.

You and Emily together make quite a team, and it is hilarious to watch the two of you go after what you want. You two are a “twin threat” when you take off at the same time for the same thing. Just last weekend, you chased poor cousin Kaelyn because she had a toy you both wanted. Who would have thought two nine month olds could strike fear in a 22- month old? After watching you chase her, I understand how. You two are a formidable team. Watch out, world, EA and AE are on the move!

Andrew Elliott, each day with you brings a new surprise. Watching you discover the world-- one touch, one taste, one fall, one experience—at a time, we learn to appreciate it all anew. Soon you will be one year old, and we look forward to having 365+ new experiences to document and celebrate.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

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Jenner said...

I miss my little one at that age! It seems like I blinked my eyes and she is now 2 years old.

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