Sunday, February 20, 2011

They see us strollin'...

The babies had a BIG weekend, starting with the purchase of a BIG jogging stroller! This thing is so cool I *almost* want to start jogging. I didn't do anything crazy like that, but we did go on two walks. This may be the start of a new exercise plan for me. And, when lifting this monster, who needs weights?

Drew knows how to kick back.

Emily looked drowsy most of the walk. She kept herself awake practicing the consonant sound she found this week--the "g" sound. "GaaGaaGaa. GooGooGoo."

Saturday we headed to the beach for an overnight stay at the campground with Grandma and Papa. We took the new stroller for a spin on the pier. Drew loved the water.

Drew looks for fish while Emily looks slightly unimpressed.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said Drew did not take his eyes off the water the entire time we were on the pier. Something tells me Tanner's going to have a fishing buddy. Maybe Emily's just miffed because I stuck that pink bow in her hair.

One cool thing about having twins is watching their interaction. This weekend was one of the most entertaining. Here they are both going for the same power cord.

When Drew doesn't let Emily have it, she decides to jump on him and go over him. Don't feel bad for Drew. Later, he took her toy away and then grabbed her bottle.

Em and Drew got another treat this weekend...fresh banana in their new teether feeder thingees.

Drew mashes his up first.

But it doesn't take him long to get the hang of it.

It was so cute to hear the two of them smacking away.

We have started using the high chairs when we go out to eat, and they LOVE it. They've been promoted to the big people table!

Here I catch Emily laughing. Love it!

One last BIG thing...Emily is now pulling up and standing--every chance she gets. Yes, that's Drew in the background, crawling to yet another power cord.

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