Tuesday, February 15, 2011

They only turn 1 once

It's hard to believe, but Emily and Drew will be turning one in less than four months!

Recently, someone asked me if I had thought about their first birthday party, and I had to admit, with some degree of mommy guilt, that I hadn't given the topic much thought. Of course I knew we'd have a party and cute cakes, but beyond that, I had nothing--which got the wheels turning.

After reaching the outer limits of the Internet, I realized I wasn't completely satisfied with any of the ideas I found. Should it be hard to come up with a theme that isn't too commercial for babies who don't know the difference between Winnie the Pooh and Baby Einstein?

Yes, I completely understand they won't remember any of it. I know, I know. This party is more for me than them. Yes, I know the cake and a good picture will be all that matter. Sure, I could save the time and the money.

Don't try to reason with a crazy mommy.

Instead, you can cast your vote and help me make this important, life-altering decision. As a token of my thanks, I invite you to join us in June for birthday cake--color and theme to be determined.

Theme for first birthday party?
Bee and Bear
Thing 1 and Thing 2
Under the Sea
Other (leave a comment) free polls

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