Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I love my new blog template! Thank you to LeeLou Blogs for helping me give my blog a new look!

To celebrate my blog makeover, I am committing to one new blog post a day for the next week. I already have a list of things to catch up on: our NHL All-Star Weekend, Groundhog's Day, 8 months letters (gasp!), Drew and Emily's new fascination with power cords and curtains, Emily's trip to the ER, and an update on crawling (complete with some pretty cute video). Oh, and I can't forget Drew and the dancing duck!

Thank you to all who tell me that you read the blog and enjoy it. YAY! An extra thank you to all who read it AND leave a comment! Double YAY! While I started this blog as a personal way to capture our family's memories, it is special to know that others find joy in the simple wonders of our daily life. What's more, the comments you leave become a part of the written record of our lives. LOVE IT!

1 comment:

jpattencoble said...

Love the new template! Can't wait to read up!

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