Thursday, February 24, 2011

It’s Been a Hard Day’s…Month??

Here we go again.

Good thing we stocked up on Boogie Wipes during the last go-round with the sneezies, snifflies, and coughies!

Emily started getting congested again this week, which progressed to a runny nose and a really nasty cough.

Then, it twin-fested today, and now Drew is not only drooling, he’s dripping.

I can’t stand seeing my babies sick :-(

Have you ever seen something so sad?? Breaks my heart.

So instead of our picture appointment tomorrow, we are now looking at doctor’s appointments. Maybe I will dress them in their new cute outfits just for the occasion. Looks like we won’t be getting out much any time soon.

It’s hard to say if a doctor’s trip is warranted, but two weeks ago, we decided to wait it out over the weekend, and we ended up in the emergency room on Saturday afternoon when Emily spiked a high fever and was having trouble breathing. We’d like to avoid the ER trip this weekend if possible.

A series of tests, a $200 co-pay, and one hysterical mommy later, we were discharged with a vague diagnosis of something viral. We were instructed to continue the same comfort measures we had already been trying: humidifier, Tylenol, Motrin, and bulb suction.

Don’t even get me started on the evils of those bulb suction things.

Instead, I’ll say that skin rashes are evil. First, Drew had a nasty neck rash from the drool and the fact that he has no discernable neck.

Then Emily started getting splotches and now has her own yucky neck rash. Again, the doctors in the ER told us not to worry. Sensitive skin, wetness from drooling, dry skin…it’s amazing the diagnosis you get for $2000+ trip to the ER these days. Don’t even get me started on insurance and hospital costs.

We have tried everything to beat these rashes, but so far, we are losing.

We are still fighting the crib wars, too, and while they are generally sleeping in their cribs, they are not falling asleep there. A narrow window of sleepiness exists and we have to seize it; otherwise, we move into the “beyond sleepy” phase where it’s nearly impossible to get them down. Just ask my parents. During our trip to the camper this past weekend, we eventually had to take Emily for a ride to get her down—three hours after we started trying. I think our ears are still bleeding.

As if sick, insomniac babies haven’t been hard enough, Drew has been going through this starvation phase where he wakes up with a ravishing hunger during the middle of the night. At one of our pediatrician appointments this past month for the coughing and persistent neck rash, the doctor advised us to try to avoid night time bottles. So, like the obedient mommy that I try to be, I tried. We gave him a small bottle to begin dialing back his daily intake expectation. That just pissed him off. Then we tried the water in the bottle. He drank that like it was the best thing ever and then cried for more and spit the water back up.

Call us lazy. Call us desperate. Call us weak. We caved and gave him a bottle. He ate it all. He slept and was quiet.

Three hours later, he wants more. This boy is hungry.

And, his parents are tired and desperate for just one full night of sleep. We invite the doctor to come to our house and show us how to deal with a crying baby at 2:00 in the morning when the fastest path back to sleep is a bottle. Stat.

I have blocked out those days this month when Marty and I have also been sick. There's really no reason to remember it since we barely even had time to visit a Minute Clinic, wipe our noses, and fill up on decongestants. It's all a Mucinex haze.

Then, there are twin-fits. That’s the new phenomenon where one of them crying sets off the other one, sending them both into a fit.

Last night, around 2:30, I am berating Marty on his slow bottle making skills.
“Hurry up! Faster! Shake it like you mean it! You want him to wake up EMILY??”

Persistent colds, angry rashes, over-sleepy babies, feeding frenzies, sick mommy and daddy, and screaming competitions. I thought February was supposed to be a SHORT month?

Don’t even get me started on how much I am ready for spring.


Holly Ann said...

I can empathize wholeheartedly as you just described my life about 2 1/2 years ago. My twins' first year was horrendous. Don't get me wrong, I soaked up every happy moment, but I would not go back. There were just too many days and nights like this. I know it's really hard, but it does get better. Every age has it's own challenges, but just remember that this too shall pass. I really hope your babies have a speedy recovery!!

Mariah said...

Sick kids are just no fun. I really do feel your pain. As for the neck pediatrician said put vasoline on their necks. It makes a barrier that the drool can't penetrate, therefore, no more rash.

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