Monday, February 14, 2011

How I Really Met My Husband

As Marty and I celebrate our sixth Valentine’s Day together, I woke up to the greatest of all Valentine’s presents—two adorable, sweet blue-eyed babies and one awesome, handsome blue-eyed man who was already up feeding said babies.

Six Valentine’s Days ago, we were still in those awkward first days of dating. I don’t remember if we even exchanged gifts, but I am guessing not. It wasn’t until the Valentine’s Day Massacre of 2007, as Marty likes to call it, that he learned he should at least get a card, especially when he’s flying out of the country on Valentine’s Day.

We met officially in December 2005 on a cold night at Hibernian on Glenwood. There’s a bit more to our modern day romance, but our official story is, “We met at a bar.” And this much is true.

When people ask when or how I met my husband, I am sure they are asking for the usual details: Where were we? Who introduced us? Was it love at first sight? Did we know right away each other was the “one”?

Now when I think about when and how I meet my husband, I think of other meetings and how those meetings tell more about us than that first encounter…

I met my husband on the day we decided to start a family. I saw a man willing to take a leap of faith, compromise, and trust my vision of our future.

I met my husband on those days I was too pregnant to move. I saw a man who would rub my feet, get my water, listen to my latest irrational fear, and buy me another strawberry milkshake.

I met my husband as he felt our babies thump and kick. I saw a man take a break from a hockey game to smile every time he felt them move like it was the first time.

I met my husband that June morning in the operating room when he watched as our babies were born. I saw a man watching his family grow right before his eyes.

I met my husband every sleepless night as he made bottles, changed diapers, and rocked a crying baby. I saw a man who was made to be a daddy.

I met my husband as I watched him make up silly songs to sing to our Drew Bear and our Emmy Bee. I saw a man with a soft heart beneath his often-grumpy exterior.

I met my husband when I saw him wheel a double stroller and carry an apple green diaper bag. I saw a man proud of the babies who bear his looks and hopefully his heart.

I met my husband yesterday as he played outside with his niece and nephew. I saw a man who remembers what it’s like to be a child and look up to someone older.

I met my husband this afternoon as we played on the floor and read Valentine’s books to Emily and Drew. I saw a man with whom I am able to enjoy the little things.

I met my husband this evening when he went out to fill my car with gas so I don't have to stop early in the morning. I saw a man who knows some things say "I Love You" more than a card, jewelry, or candy.

I will meet my husband later tonight when we curl up after the babies are down to talk of the day’s events and cuddle as we fall asleep. I will see a man who is so much more than just another guy at a bar.

I will see a man who is my best friend, my husband, my babies’ daddy, and my Valentine.

And that’s how I really met my husband.

I love you, Marty.


Jane said...

Oh GOSH! You are a remarkable writer, Melissa; but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that! This is a beautiful piece!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Wow, again! I just clicked on this post, which was listed as "you might also like". What an amazing piece! And you are so right...if we take time to step back and appreciate the details, we do "meet" our spouse more and more every day, particularly as we see them in relation to something outside ourselves. Thanks for this beautiful reminder!

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