Friday, February 11, 2011

Fun Friday

In the midst of the sickness and sleepless nights of late, it's easy to forget just how fun life is with Emily and Drew. When we weren't chasing behind them with boogie wipes or crying out for just one solid night of sleep, we were having a good laugh or two. Here are some video clips from this week. Happy Friday!

Check out Drew bouncing along with the dancing duck. I love his fascination, his concentration. His smile at the end is classic Drew. Next time, I will try to get a shot of him eating the duck's head. Poor kid is going to end up with a yellow hair ball!

Emily is an accomplished crawler now. It's amazing how she picked up speed so quickly. She's really quite slow in this clip, but I love how she has her tongue stuck out, like it is helping propel her along. I also love her hair. She now has enough hair to have morning hair. Finally, this may be the only time Emily is actually crawling towards a toy. Lately, she's only interested in a power cord or the forbidden basket of decorative balls.

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