Thursday, February 10, 2011

All Star Babies

It was all about hockey in Raleigh on January 28-30 as fans converged in our capital city for the 2011 All-Star Game. Hockey stars Daniel and Henrik Sedin weren’t the only All-Star multiples taking part in the festivities. All Star twins, Emily and Drew, attended and recently sat down with us for an exclusive interview to share their favorite memories of this special weekend!

Friday night you were downtown for the All-Star Wide Open Street Festival and Fan Fair at the Convention Center. Which part made you most wish you could get out of your stroller and join in?

While I was pretty happy to be bundled up in my stroller since it was a really chilly night, I must say that the sledding looked pretty fun. Cousin Tanner waved to us on his way down. I think I could have beaten him in a side-by-side race.

I was hoping mommy would take the stroller for a spin on the outdoor ice rink, but once again, we little ones were left to watch the bigger kids play. While Tanner, Aunt Kelly, and Daddy skated, Mommy wheeled us round and round trying to make us sleepy. She only made us dizzy.

Saturday brought the Super Skills Competition. What were some of your favorite competitions?

Emily: What Super Skills Competition?

Uh, Emily. Remember? We didn’t get invited. While Mommy and Daddy had a “date night” at the RBC Center, we went to Grandma and Papa’s instead. Mommy and Daddy drank adult beverages, ate lots of greasy food, and stayed up late at some place called a bar.

Emily: Oh, I remember now. We drank bottles, ate baby food, and kept Grandma awake ALL NIGHT LONG while Papa slept!

If you were in the Baby Super Skills competition, what event would you win?

Emily: Fastest crawler—knees down. As a matter of fact, I crawled for the first time that weekend!

Drew: I would probably win the Breakaway Challenge. I may not be crawling, but I have some pretty stylish moves to get to where I am going—quick. Rolling, scooting, and I am a crowd favorite, especially when I smile.

Any special game day attire?

Emily: I wore my new white NHL All-Star jersey my Daddy bought me.

Drew: I wore my red Canes' jersey--just like Daddy's--and my pumped-up kicks.

Caniacs are known for their tailgating. Did you have the opportunity to tailgate before the game?

Emily: Sure did! It was a beautiful 60 degrees outside, and we enjoyed the view from the back of the Highlander.

Drew: Bottles, baby food, and babbling…doesn’t get much better than that!

Many commentators speculated the game would be a let-down after the Fantasy Draft and other pre- game festivities. Were you disappointed with the game?

Drew: Absolutely not! I was dazzled by the lights, the fast-moving players, and the pretty lady behind us who kept making me smile.

Emily: The only thing that might have made it better would have been if Team Staal had pulled out the win or if Skinner had scored, but it was still a good time. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in a baby sling anywhere else.

Who had your vote for MVP?

Drew and Emily: It’s unanimous—our Mommy and Daddy win the MOST VALUABLE PARENTS award for taking us along for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!


jpattencoble said...

You are a creative genius! Love these! The pic of the baby sling reminded me of a joke my brother josh told me... imagine how a baby in a baby sling must feel when they realize that they are not superman and cannot fly... think about it!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

Chrissy McConaughy said...

Precious!! How creative you are! I love reading your posts!

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