Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Today you are five months old, and I have no idea how I can even begin to capture all that you have done since I wrote to you last. You are changing faster than you can down a half a jar of sweet potatoes and a 5 ounce bottle. Two months is too long between letters, but I’ll do my best to record all the wonderfulness that is you.

You are a squealing machine. You shriek in absolute delight. You wake up in the morning so happy—talking, laughing, gurgling. One of my favorite parts of the day is saying, “Good morning, beautiful girl,” before I take you downstairs for a morning change and a bottle. I love the way you cling to my shoulder with your little baby arms. Some mornings we will walk around, talking—to the front door to look out or the back porch to hear the birds. You love being outside almost as much as you love being held.

While you wake up easily, you don’t go down quite so well. You fight sleep so hard. You are most curious, and it’s like you are afraid you will miss something. At night, I often sit on the floor beside your bassinet and rock you and sing along with your lullaby music. I can’t bear to leave you in there crying. The only time it seems you go to sleep easily is when we are out somewhere new. Then you sleep and sleep. You slept through the Caniac Carnival, the Arts Festival, the baby reunion at Marbles, most of the fair, the Farmer’s Market, and much of the voting line.

You have learned to tolerate tummy time a bit better, and your hard work has paid off. You rolled over for the first time on October 15. You started purposefully grabbing your car seat toy on October 22. Your car seat toy is a cute pink and green frog that jingles. You grab it and stick it in your mouth, and we jokingly say you are enjoying eating some frog legs.

The last two months have been full of other firsts. You had your first solid food at about 4 ½ months—first rice cereal, then green peas, and your favorite, sweet potatoes. You and Drew went to your first hockey game. Neither one of you did really well. By the second period, we were past your bed time, and despite our best efforts to block the noise, you just couldn’t fall asleep. Everyone was happy to see you both, though, and everyone agreed that you two were well worth all the huffing and puffing I endured last season. You had your first Halloween costume—a sweet little fairy outfit with a tutu and wings. Grandma Janice stayed up all night cutting down your tutu to make it fit. While you didn’t get any candy, we walked you around Grandma and Papa’s neighborhood, which you both loved. You also had your first bad cold, and I felt completely helpless as I nervously took your temperature and reluctantly gave you Tylenol for the first time.

We also have some great stories to tell when you are older to embarrass you. Just say, “Tell me about Grandma Nettie, the Mexican Restaurant, and the poo explosion.” No matter how old we get, we won’t forget that story. One day, when your friends are over, we will sing you the “The Emily Anne Song.” The second verse is the same as the first: “Emily Anne is a beautiful girl, the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world.” No matter how old and sophisticated you get, those words will still be true.

We love you, Emily Anne—the most beautiful 5 month old girl in the whole wide world.

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