Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes. Yes. Yes.

“Did you know you were having twins?”
“Were you surprised to find out you were having twins?”
“Do twins run in your family?”

Yes. Yes. Yes.

People ask me all the time if we knew we were having twins. Yes, we actually knew we were having twins almost from the day we found out we were pregnant.
After two solid blood tests, I wasn’t scheduled to go in for an initial ultrasound until I was 6 weeks. Even then, it would be extremely early. Until then, I just had to have faith that there really was something going on inside my body.

It would have been a little easier to believe if I had some symptoms to prove it. As it was, I felt nothing. I felt great. Maybe a little tired, but nonetheless, great. Just when I thought I was having symptom, it would fade away. In a twisted way, I wished I would feel bad just so I would know I was pregnant.

I emailed my doctor and asked if he could run another blood test just to make sure things were still progressing since I had no symptoms to put my mind at ease. Surprisingly, he suggested we do a quick ultrasound instead. If all was well, at 5 weeks and 2 days, we should at least see gestational sacs.

I was already in tears before the first circle appeared. Through the tears of joy and amazement, I saw a blurry circle—my baby. The doctor continued moving across, stopping briefly, before saying nonchalantly, “There’s one, and there’s another one.” I saw the second blurry circle—also my baby.

He pointed out the speck inside the circle. We were seeing the gestational sac and the yolk sac. Both were right on track for 5 weeks and 2 days.

Were we surprised? Yes. In that moment, I was speechless. We knew there was a possibility of twins. We knew our numbers were on the high side, but for it to actually happen to us? Amazing. Marty claims he saw the doctor scan by both sacs before he even pointed out the first one. What was odd is that neither of us mentioned the word twins until we left the office. Honestly, to this day, I find myself saying, “Twins. Really??”

People want to know if twins run in my family. Yes. They do now. Actually, both of us have twins in our families, and there may be some genetic connection. But, I have come to be more open about the fact that we also used fertility medicine. I think many people who ask if twins run in our family are really wanting to ask that question anyway. Some want to know if the twins are “natural.” I would argue that all babies are natural. Asking if my babies are natural sort of implies that they might be unnatural, supernatural, or preternatural. Touch them. Hold them. Feed them. Play with them. They are 100% natural babies. They are a gift from God regardless of whether I took meds to juice up my ovaries or not. I have also learned that by being open about my struggles I have allowed others to be open about their struggles. Infertility can be such a lonely road, and if one woman can find understanding through me then why would I hide my story?

What’s the fourth most asked question? I’ll let you guess, but the answer to that question is also—yes.


Melissa Brown, DPI Instructional Facilitator said...

Another sweet story!

jpattencoble said...

Great job! I love reading about this special time. You may need to let me be a guest blogger about living with the pregnant Melissa!!! Just kidding!

Samantha said...

Great post, Melissa! You said that right - of course your babies are natural! Not sure what people are trying to infer by that question so just ignore them! Beautiful story and you have beautiful kids :)

RoryBore said...

I can't believe the stupid things that come out of people's mouths. Especially when its none of their business anyway.

ok, that's the rant over. I just love that you are sharing this special time! My husband and I did it, I got pregnant. Boring. LOL Well, you know I wasn't exactly "bored" - but it just seemed so simple. But you're helping me to remember that it's not such an easy road for everyone. My cousin is going through major fertility issues right now, and your story is helping me understand her struggles better.

I was going to guess that people ask you if they are "identical" -- except you said the answer was yes? so stumped.

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