Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shopping Spree

This weekend marked the beginning of Emily and Drew's official "closet switch-out" where I started packing away summer clothes and bringing out the fall/winter stuff. Yes, there was so much they never even wore. As summer babies, Emily and Drew have spent most of their days either naked in a diaper or in a onesie. So many of those cute outfits were never even touched.

I decided to combat the sadness of seeing them grow right before my eyes by going to buy new cute stuff. I rationalized buying more for the winter by explaining to Marty that they will be going out more frequently now. And they don't have enough already since everyone buys newborn clothes in the beginning. And they need picture outfits. And they will look really cute. And they will only be this size once. And Mommy is having fun. And did I mention they look really cute?

Today's weather was perfect for Emily's new dress and sweater and for Drew's dress onesie and TH khaki pants. They were adorable as we surprised Granny V with a visit to church with her this morning.

Both babies were great during the service. Emily loved the hymns and eventually fell asleep on Marty's chest. Drew was as alert as ever and decided he wanted to talk during the sermon. He can get pretty vocal, so Aunt Windy took him to the nursery where he played.

Once home, they kicked back and seemed to be as interested in the Panther's game as Marty was.

The only time they seemed any happier was when we stripped them down to their diapers and played on the floor. Go figure!

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