Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another October story

As promised, the October story continues. Today’s tale begins on October 8, 2009.

I tested that morning as I had done so many mornings before, fully expecting the same results as before. I even used a cheapo test since it hardly seemed worth wasting the money on the digital one.

I saw what I thought was second line. I called Marty upstairs to take a look, again expecting him to say I was imagining what I wanted to see. I think I stopped breathing when he agreed that he thought he saw a second line, too.

It was time to pull out the expensive digital.

I couldn’t look. I paced the floor as Marty waited for the answer to pop up. He said, “I think you want to take a look at this one.”


I definitely stopped breathing. And then I started crying. And jumping up and down. And crying.

I nervously called my doctor’s office to ask for a blood test, not sure that they would agree since I technically wasn’t supposed to test for another three days.
Thankfully, they had me come in right away.

I was so nervous I couldn’t even take the call from the doctor’s office with the results. Marty answered when our doctor called later that morning to congratulate us personally. It was official. I was pregnant.

I was to come back on Monday for a repeat test. Since it was only Thursday, I had several days to obsess. Initially, my obsession took the form of taking all the left over pregnancy tests still in the house. I think I ended up taking five more tests, which all came out the same. I have pictures to prove it.

We decided that we wouldn’t tell anyone until we had another rising beta on Monday. Okay, so I did tell Jeanine. I knew she could keep my secret.

After a blood draw early Monday morning, I headed to Greensboro for work. I am not sure how I made it through that school visit because my mind was anywhere but on poetry plans and test scores.

I called Marty every thirty minutes or so to see if the doctor’s office had called back with my numbers. When the call finally came, we had numbers to celebrate. My beta had risen from 75 to 496 in four days. They didn’t need to see me again until 6 weeks when they would do my first ultrasound. Marty asked about the possibility of multiples, but the nurse said the numbers alone didn’t seem high enough to indicate more than one.

We decided to tell Marty’s mom first. Since Marty so rarely goes home, Windy, his sister, guessed something was up when we called to say we were coming to Roanoke Rapids on a Monday night. We surprised Vivian, nonetheless.

We told my family the next night. I pulled Tanner to the side and told him our secret and asked him not to say anything, fully expecting he would blurt it out the first chance he got. Nope. He was not telling anything. Finally, I asked him if he had something he needed to tell everyone. He said, “No, Essy. It’s a secret!” After I assured him he could spill the beans, he whispers, “Essy’s going to have a baby.”

Little did we know, Essy was going to have two babies. But that is another October story and another post.


Tasha said...

I got tears reading this.....the memories of us finding out. Can't wait to read more.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I so wish I had taken a pregnancy test...just so I could finally have seen that line for myself! I loved reading this post...I'm still a bundle of emotions when I think about getting pregnant, being pregnant, and having the girls. :)

Emily said...

I think I took about 20 tests when I found out I was it was going to change or something haha

RoryBore said...

I felt like I was right there with you peeing on those sticks!!
um, you know what I mean.
such an incredible moment for you and Marty, and I am so glad that you would share it with us.
next? :)

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