Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall and Fans

Fall is here, and my blogging has definitely fallen off. The full impact of being back at work is starting to hit, and as usual, we have been on the go. It's hard to believe Drew and Emily will soon be four months old. So much to record, so little free time!

With hockey season starting, we are about to have even less free time. Soon, Drew and Emily will go to their first Canes' game out of utero. My, it seems like only yesterday that I was huffing and puffing my way down the stairs to our seats:

Last Thursday Marty and I used our lunch hour to take the babies to their first official Canes' event. The Eye was opening at Crabtree, and one of our favorite Canes' players, Tuomo Ruutu, was signing autographs. Drew, ever curious, waited patiently on Marty's shoulder. Emily, always unpredictable, slept peacefully in the stroller. As we inched closer, I tried to wake her up so she would be alert for the picture. No luck. She didn't wake up until it was our turn. Ruutu said something that sounded like "two!" although we are not quite sure. He graciously signed their new onesies and let us snap a quick picture.

On Saturday, Emily and Drew were able to show off their new autographed onesies at the Caniac Carnival. They enjoyed the practice session, and I did surprisely well managing my anxiety. Drew was fascinated by the lights, and he watched intently until he fell asleep. Emily wasn't as interested in the players as she was in spitting up. Good thing the onesie set came with a bib.

Last night was a home pre-season game, and Marty was itching to take them. I bought them the only ear plugs I could find--some big orange hunting ones--and also some fleece jogging sets to go over their onesies. At the last minute, I decided I just wasn't ready. I decided, instead, to just take them to eat at the Brickhouse before the game, and save the experience of their first NHL game for another night. It looks like Drew loves anything related to hockey, including pre-game traditions like the Brickhouse. It looks like Emily prefers napping over pucks.

Assuming I can locate baby ear plugs and convince Marty to wear a baby carrier, I may concede to taking them to the free pre-season game next Friday. Stay tuned.

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