Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear Emily

September 8, 2010

Dear Emily,

Today you are three months old, and I am still amazed at your perfection. I still find myself staring at your beautiful face, especially when you are asleep, and I still have a good cry when I think of you growing up too fast.

And growing fast, you are. You cut your first tooth on August 29, just shy of 12 weeks old. You found your hands a couple of weeks before that, and they kept your mouth occupied as your little tooth struggled to pop through. At your two month well check appointment, you measured in the 95% percentile, which might explain why we moved you up to Size 2 diapers this week. You continue to be so strong. When we take the bottle out of your mouth to burp you, you will stand straight up in protest. Just yesterday we learned we can’t leave you in the Boppy seat without close supervision. You have figured out how to get your feet under you and kick up. You can almost kick yourself out the top of the seat. It looks like we’ll have to move you to your crib soon because, with a few more inches, I will worry that you will be able to kick yourself out the top of the bassinet.

You do the funniest things, and I can only hope we have captured them all through pictures and video because words simply do not do them justice. For example, you will bury your face in your daddy’s chest when you are asleep, and I will freak out wondering if you can still breathe. You are still so curious and will whip your head side-to-side, looking all around. You will hold your bottle once we get it in place. You still do the stretch where you arch your back and poke your behind out, just like you did when you were in my tummy. You have these sweet pink lips that look like you are wearing lipstick, and they are even cuter when you do that funny lip smacking thing after you finish your bottle. You make formula look so good!

We have several nicknames for you. Daddy has always called you his Emmy-Doll. Lately, you have been my Emmy-Bee. Cousin Kaelyn calls you Em-Ma-Me, and now I find myself using that name for you, too. The doctor calls you Sassy. You seem to like all of your names because you just smile when we talk to you.

Eating is still one of your favorite parts of the day, and it’s funny to see you perk up at the sound of a bottle shaking. You love the back porch, and sometimes when you are crying, I will walk you out there and you will magically get quiet. We listen to the birds, the wind, and the crickets. You also like to be cuddled. Right now, you are rocking with your Daddy in the recliner. You still don’t like the small bath tub we use downstairs, but you love the big tub upstairs. We have started watching you more closely on the changing table, since, like your brother, you seem to enjoy peeing on it when your diaper comes off. You and Drew still love the swings, and by far, you both like the one we got for free over the one we paid lots of money for.

You and Drew are playing so well these days. It’s funny to see you both kicking and squealing on the floor. You seem oblivious to Drew, except to kick him, but he quiets and smiles as soon as we put you beside him. You really don’t like tummy time or your Bumbo seat, but we can usually talk you through it. Lately, you have fought taking a nap. You will cry with your eyes closed as we rock you. But, at night, you will usually talk yourself to sleep. Just a few nights ago, you laughed yourself to sleep. I sat and laughed with you.

Another big milestone was that Mommy went back to work one day shy of your 12 week birthday. I spent the weekend before turning Daddy’s man cave into a baby cave. His poker table serves as a changing table. The Play Station is packed away, and the projection screen is obscured by the swings, boppy seats, play mats, and Pack N Play. We have also taken over the smaller bonus room. It’s now officially a playroom. All the shelves are full of toys, books, and assorted baby gear. While I cried and felt so guilty leaving you two that morning, I knew you were in good hands with Julie and Cousin Kaelyn. Not only did you have the perfect room, you had someone watching you who would love and care for you as her own while I was gone. You had such a good first day, and I have the video to prove it. I love getting texts with pictures and video of you two during the day, and we are all so lucky to have someone who loves you to watch you during the day.

Emmy-Bee, we can’t wait to see how you delight us next.


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jpattencoble said...

OK... so you are definitely winning MOM points of the year!

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