Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear Drew

September 8, 2010

Dear Drew,
You are three months old, and you are one beautiful, smiling baby! Over the last six weeks , you have transformed into this happy baby who will grin and coo and laugh. And, when Drew smiles, the whole world smiles with Drew!

Your road to wellness was bumpy. The crying that had grown increasingly more intense and shrill was eventually diagnosed as colic and reflux. Several episodes mimicked seizures, which led your panicky mom to take you to the neurologist for an EEG. We switched formulas and medicines. We added pricey probiotics. And then one day you woke up not screaming. You started smiling and you never stopped--not even when you lost your voice at 11 weeks when you got a bad case of thrush.

While you are generally happy anywhere, you do have what we call your “happy places.” You love, love, love the changing table. All smiles there, especially when you catch us unprepared with a surprise spray. You love being around your Grandmas…all of them. You soak up Granny love. You love your swing, and it’s a sure-fire winner when we need you to nap. You love your Bumbo seat, probably because you get a better view of everything. You love the front seat of the stroller, our shoulders, the back porch--pretty much any place where you can see the world.

Now that you are not in pain, you have so much more energy to devote to learning all kinds of new things. You coo all the time, and on my first day back to work, Julie heard you say something that sounded just like MAMA three times. Your head control is getting so much better, and your head lean is gone. Looks like our exercise plan paid off! You love to turn on your side when you are playing on the floor, and if you could just get your arm out of the way, you would turn right over. Well, you already have--with a little help. This week you were on the floor having “twin time” with Emily when you went on your side. Emily, being the helpful big sister that she is, gave you a kick in the butt. You went right on over!

Another milestone that was probably more important to Mommy and Daddy than it was to you was sleeping the night. As if you knew I was going back to work, you and Emily both slept through the night at 11 weeks. We put you both down for the night at 10pm and you both slept until 7:00! Just when you had us spoiled, you woke up at 5:30, then 4:30, and then 3:30. Seems like we are now back to 6:00. We’ll take it.

You and Emily earned your first money this week. Looks like your official first job is being cute. We took you both to Hillsville, VA to the Labor Day Flea Market with Grandma, Papa, and Great-Grandma Nettie. While we were taking a break at the local Burger King, an older gentleman stopped to admire the twin cuteness. You two always have a way of attracting a crowd. Mr. William from Danville was so taken by the two of you that he gave each of you a two dollar bill. How appropriate--two dollar bills for two babies. Your first job was being adorable.

You also did your first charity work. We had a Little Pink Houses of Hope photo shoot to promote our friend Jeanine’s foundation. Daddy wouldn’t let me dress you in all pink, but he did concede to a pink bow on a white onesie. You and Emily voted, and I am sure your cute smiles persuaded a few others to vote. Regardless, Mommy had fun playing with you both.

Drew Bear, we can’t wait to see how you will amaze us next.


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jpattencoble said...

Now that is a wonderful gift for Drew!

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