Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tummy Troubles

Yes, I realize that I am not being the timely blogger that I had hoped to be. Who has time to blog when you have doctor visits to keep you busy? Together, the babies and I have racked up seven doctor visits in the past week. After one of the scariest weeks of my life, I think I can finally breathe and blog.

Our drama started over a month ago when I took Drew to the pediatrician for suspected reflux. Inconsolable crying for no apparent reason, painful face when taking his bottle, avoiding the bottle, kicking and stiffening his legs...I had one unhappy baby. Reluctantly, we started Zantac, and for a while, my baby was a bit better. He still cried--a lot. Then, last Monday, things seemed to take a turn for the worse. I'll spare the details of his vomiting. Let's just say mommy was a mess--physically and emotionally. So back to the pediatrician we go. This time we get Prilosec and hear the dreaded "c" word--colic.

While we wait for the magic 3-4 month mark when the colic supposedly disappears, we try to get him to take the Prilosec to no avail. He vacillates between a sweet, playful baby and a screaming, miserable baby. Mommy tetters on the edge of sanity. I feel inadequate as I attempt to console him and feel guilty as I once again put him in the swing to silence him.

On Thursday, after an unusually good tummy time session, Drew begins to scream violently and reacts in a way that looked way too much like what a seizure might look like in a baby. With my tummy in knots, I call the pediatrician who believes I witnessed a reaction to the acid reflux since he really hadn't had a full dose of medicine all week. We get a third change in medicine- this time to Previcid. Nervously, I watch my baby, fearing every twitch and stare. I call in reinforcements because, by this point, I am a wreck. Thank goodness for family.

Friday brings three more "episodes." Finally, someone other than me sees one of them. And, we're off to an emergency ped visit. The doctor is patient and thorough, and while she doubts Drew is having seizures, she believes it warrants a neurological evaulation. It was going to be a long weekend...

At this point, I am doubting my gut instincts. Maybe my mommy intuition is all off. After all, I am a classic worry wart who spent her entire pregnancy suffering from one imagined medical crisis after another. Sick to my stomach with worry, I ask everyone around me to be my personal Tums--watch my baby and tell me if you see anything weird. Surrounding myself with support soothes me through the weekend.

We also do our best to sooth Drew. We change his formula to a lactose-free version. We continue the Previcid. We use our newly-acquired baby massage skills. We shoosh and sway and swing. Maybe the best thing we did was give him a triple dose of Grandma loving. In one weekend, he was loved on by both grandmas and his Great-Grandma Nettie. Oh, how I love how thet make him smile!

Monday brought two more doctor visits. We started the day with 2 month well checks. Both babies are gaining well. Emily got her shots while we waited on Drew's. With one cranky, mildly feverish baby at home, I set off alone with Drew to the neurologist.

After an exam, the neurologist explained the difficulty in diagnosing infant seizures. Tummy troubles can mimic seizures, and without an EEG, he couldn't rule out my fears. Before sending us over to the lab, he gave me a sample of probiotics to try since, according to him, most babies are lacking the good bacteria they need, and thus can end up with painful tummies.

While Drew slept through most of the EEG, Mommy cried. While I rocked him and prayed, I wished someone was there to hold me. I felt helpless and alone as I waited for the all the wires and tape to come off. I felt crushed by the weight of my love for him, the force of fear of sickness, the magnitude of responsibility for two babies, and the burden of guilt for not being at home with Emily.

Tuesday brought good news. Drew's EEG was clear. We are to continue the probiotics and follow up in two weeks.

Right now, I am celebrating by holding two happy, sleeping babies in my arms, while typing with one hand. I am going to wrap up thus entry, though, so I can enjoy a few minutes of quiet time with them before they wake and want their tummies filled--again.


Sam said...

Oh, Melissa, I will keep you and the twins in my prayers!

championm2000 said...

Thanks, Sam! Drew is definitely improving, and we pray he is soon able to stop his reflux meds.

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