Tuesday, August 24, 2010

11 places in 11 weeks

Getting ready for their first car ride ever

My how time flies when you are always on the go! Emily and Drew were 11 weeks old yesterday, and in the last 11 weeks, we have managed to squeeze in quite a few stops. This blog post is not only a chronicle of their adventures, it is also a tribute to my triumph over fear--fear of germs in public places infecting my babies. Grab your hand sanitizer, and hold on to your diaper bags and pacis as we take a tour of our recent stops.

#1 Doctor Appointments

On our first day on home from the hospital, Emily and Drew had their first pediatrician appointment. Due to Emily's jaundice and my lactation consultant appointment, we had two more appointments in the first week. My dad, Papa Ray, helped me during those appointments so Marty could work. We then had well check appointment at 2 weeks, 1 month, and 2 months. Drew had a few more appointments as we worked to diagnose and treat his reflux. With insurance co-pays at $50 per visit, let's just say we could have taken a really nice vacation for what we have paid our loving pediatricians.

#2 Pottery Place
For Marty's first Father's Day, I wanted to have the babies' foot prints made. We wanted until late in the afternoon to take them to a local pottery shop. I went in first to scope out the place to make sure it wasn't full of germy kids. Thankfully, the place was pretty empty, and we were able to get their tiny prints on a ceramic plate. That reminds me--I must get back there sometime to finish it. Still apprehensive about taking them out in public, we decided to get take-out from Outback on our way home that evening instead of actually going in the restaurant.

#3 Grandma and Papa's House
My mom has a crib just for them, although I often find them in the bed with Grandma and Papa. Too young for the playhouse out back, they play on the floor or lay on someone's chest. Their first night away from us was with Grandma and Papa, and they also stayed there when we went away for a much-needed weekend away. Even though I knew they were in good hands, I called at least every 3 hours. Guess I was missing those every-three hour-feedings.

#4 Restaurants
I do believe the first restaurant trip was to Andy's. Again, we went late in the afternoon, and we were the only people in the place. I made Marty keep their car seats covered with blankets, and we turned them to face the wall so if people came in, they wouldn't try to gawk at them or touch them. From there, we increasingly took them out more and more. Tonight we counted at least 12 different restaurants we have visited with the babies. So far, we haven't had to leave due to a fussy baby. They must love eating out as much as we do. Uh oh.

#5 The beach
Well, almost. The week after July 4th, we went to my parent's camper at the beach. We never saw the beach, and I only left the camper once, and that was to buy more formula. We enjoyed the time with family, and the babies loved the car ride. They slept all the way there and all the way back.

#6 Roanoke Rapids
Always up for a good car ride, the babies cooed at the chance to ride with Marty to take Grandma Vivian home. We have been lucky to have Marty's mom here Sunday-Tuesday to help. Driving her home is the least we can do. The babies slept all the way there, and after a quick feed and change, we headed back home.

#7 Wal-Mart and Target
These trips were the hardest for me. I guess Emily and Drew were somewhere around 6-7 weeks when I finally gave in. Unable to find a bubble big enough to put them in, I instead rigged their double stroller to keep out as many air-borne germs and curious onlookers as possible. While people couldn't touch, it didn't stop them from stopping us to ask how many babies we had in there or if our boy/girl twins are identical.

#8 Great-Grandma Nettie's House
Nobody spoils babies like a great-grandma! We spent the night with my grandma, and Emily and Drew loved being the center of attention. We ended the visit with a Sunday lunch at a local restaurant before packing up and heading to Babies R Us and then home.

#9 Downtown Festival
Getting a bit bored with our social calendar consisting of doctor visits, restaurant, and big box store trips, we decided to pack up the kids and head to Raleigh Wide Open, a downtown street festival. Although it was July 31 in NC, it was surprisingly cool, probably because of the rain that fell off and on all day. Emily and Drew slept well thanks to the rumble of the stroller wheels over the pavement. Other parents of multiples must have had the same idea because we saw at least 5 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets. Guess we all needed the fresh air!

#10 My Office
Now a pro at taking the babies out on my own, I ventured to my office in early August to show off the babies. It was a change to see adult faces, and it's always nice to get a break for a few minutes when people eagerly want to hold the babies. They didn't even mind when Emily and Drew did their customary spit-up on their nice, clean shirts.

#11 Mall
We have visited 3 malls. We like to go just to walk around, especially at Triangle where they have an outdoor concert area. During one trip, we introduced them to Barnes and Noble and bought them each a book to commemorate their visit. Of course, no trip to the mall would be complete with a trip to Gymboree or Crazy 8. These kids have WAY more clothes than they will ever wear, but Mommy sure is having a good time!


Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Love it! Keep it up girl.

jpattencoble said...

This is awesome! I am so glad that you are blogging about it! You know that I think you are a marvelous wordsmith and you have not lost your touch!

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