Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Today you are six weeks old and absolutely beautiful. You are growing so fast. Daddy and I joke that he’s going to have to get another job just to feed you. You love to eat, and you make the cutest little grunting noises as you eat. It’s the happiest sound in the world. We laugh every time you smack your heart-shaped lips after finishing off your bottle. You’ve come a long way from the early days in the hospital when you were jaundice and losing weight. I remember putting you in the dining room on that first day home for a sunbath and nervously awaiting your weight checks. You are now in the 85% for your weight! Now I worry you are gaining too much!

Besides eating, you do have other things you love. You love to cuddle. I think you got that from me. I like lying on the couch with you in the crook of my arm and lounging in the recliner with you on my chest. I often find myself holding you and crying, overcome by how much I love you and how beautiful you are. Grandma and Papa also spoiled you early on by putting you in the bed with them. You love nap time with Grandma. I also make sure you and Drew get twin time every day by putting you in the boppy for a nap. You two are precious, and no matter how many times I see you two together, I still have to take a picture of it and call your Daddy into the room to see how cute you are.

We often have story time. I can tell you are going to be an avid reader by the way you listen so intently. We’ve changed the words to Are You My Mother slightly…we like the sound of Mommy better. You’ve had your first trip to Barnes and Noble already. We skipped the Starbucks for you, but we did get you and Drew each a book to celebrate the occasion.

You love your swing and riding in the car. We joke that you, unlike your Daddy, are going to love roller coasters as much as you like to move. You are so bright-eyed, curious, and strong. You could hold your head up as soon as you were born. You look all around, taking in everything. You gave your Daddy quite a scare when you almost slung yourself off his shoulder. You like your pacifier, and you impressed us all by holding it on your own at about two weeks. You are even trying to hold your bottle now.

You don’t like your play mat despite how much I try to get you to enjoy it. You generally dislike bath time too, except now I think you are beginning to associate baths with feeding so you aren’t fighting us quite as much.

You are still sleeping much of the day, but I know the next six weeks will fly by. Before long, you will be smiling consistently, interacting with us more, and wiggling all over the place. As much as I look forward to those times, I wish I could freeze this moment in time and kiss your baby feet and hold your perfect, tiny newborn hands in mine a bit longer. In the closing words of our new book, “I love all that you will be and everything you are.”


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