Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Drew

Dear Drew,

You are six weeks old today and just beginning to flash that adorable smile of yours. Like Emily, you are growing fast, even though you are still the little brother, both in birth order and in weight. You can overtake her any day, however, in the crying department. We joke that you have two volumes—silent and screaming. I guess you learned early that you had to be heard; otherwise, Emily would always get fed first. When you are quiet, you have the cutest little mouth. You make the sweetest O shape with your lips. It’s like you are preparing to say something important but just can’t find the words yet. Maybe you are trying to say “I love you, too” since you hear it every time I pick you up. Maybe you are trying to kiss me back since I do that every time I pick you or Emily up. Whatever it is, it is flat-out cute.

Besides your ear-piercing cry and cute little mouth, you have so many other unique things we love. You love to be cuddled. You want to be held tight, especially on our chest. You will wiggle your way up until you find a warm neck. Occasionally, you even keep going until you find a nose to lick or a cheek to kiss. You love to nurse, and one regret I will always have as a mommy is that I didn’t make time to nurse you more. I don’t think you like the milk from me as much as you just like the comfort of being close and the warmth of my chest as you fall asleep there.

Speaking of eating, you are a funny eater. You have a habit of what I call “snacking.” You will take a little bit, and then fall asleep with a milk-drunk grin. Before we know it, you are ready to eat again. When I am trying to feed two babies on my own, this continual feeding can make for a long day. I indulge you, though, and am just happy that you seem to be eating pain-free now that you have started Zantac for reflux. It’s amazing how much happier you are now and how you can now be awake without screaming.

It’s amazing how much you look like your Daddy. Grandma Vivian brought a baby picture of your Daddy, and it could seriously be a picture of you. As soon as you are big enough, we are going to have your picture made in the same outfit. I would say you have his hair, but right now, you are pretty bald. What fine blonde hair you did have has fallen out, and you have just a bit of fuzz on top. You wear it well, though, and if now is any indication, you will be a cute old man one day. You also have a “stork bite” between your eyes, and when you cry, it gets redder. To us, it’s just another spot to kiss. You are also getting stronger each day. You pick your head up well, and you are losing the wobble. You favor your right side, and I do hope I am not to blame. When you were in my tummy, your head rested in my ribs for the last four months. As I pushed down to get you to move, I often joked that I hoped I wasn’t denting your head. Maybe I didn’t dent it, but one could argue I made it lean to the right.

You love to swing, and this past weekend, we bought a second swing so you and Emily wouldn’t have to share. We splurged on the Ocean Adventures model that has all kinds of fancy features. You can swing in three directions, listen to four different types of sounds, and stare cross-eyed at a mobile and lighted globe. Stare closely at the sea animals on the mobile. As our children, you will be spending a lot of your childhood at the beach. You have already had your first trip there. Granted, we didn’t see much outside of the camper, but as the natural born traveler that you are, you loved the car ride even if you had no idea where you were going.

In the coming days and months, you will go many places. You will grow and learn, and soon I will be wishing I could be a time traveler so I can go back to these sleepless nights and summer days when you were my “squirmy worm.” Just remember, in the closing words of our new book, “I love all that you will be and everything you are.”

Love, Mommy

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